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What is "BUILD"? If you've wanted to start strength training but aren't sure where to start, or find yourself always reaching for "the pink dumbbells" and want to learn how to challenge yourself safely through a variety of exercises, then this is for you. More than a "workout," this is true small group training where you'll get personal coaching as you learn how to BUILD your foundation of strength safely and effectively. 

This isn't a "boot camp" style class with drills and cardio work - this is strictly focused on muscular strength. 
Class sessions meet twice a week for 8 weeks. Because of the progressive nature of the class, only full session registrations are takes - no drop-ins, except in special circumstances. 
Registrations are limited to 6 athletes max.


"BURN": a mixed intervals cross-training workout experience for those who want to "feel the BURN!" 

What does a BURN class look like? It's a full-body mixed performance interval cross training experience with:
* 5 mins warmup
* 10 mins agility work
* 20 minutes circuit strength training
* 10 minutes cardio endurance work
* 5 minutes stretching & mobility work

You can sign up for the entire four-week session or just drop-in on one class, but class size is limited to 12 athletes max.